What we do


Book tables at the best restaurants in Paris and organize cultural outings such as concerts, shows, and exhibitions.


Stock management, shipping and tracking, returns processing, customer feedback...


Building professional connections, partner and business opportunity search, sourcing...

Administrative task

Help with preparing and following up your administrative formalities, school registrations, visa applications, etc.

Relocation service

Complete assistance for your move to Paris, including housing search, administrative procedures and cultural integration.

Property management

Maintenance of your property in your absence, including rental management and concierge services for your tenants.

How It Works

It’s very simple!

When you request a service, a dedicated assistant will provide you with a tailored solution, including the timeframe and cost. If you agree, we will take care of the rest with full transparency.

Some requests
from our customers

Hi - I'm looking for a freight solution for my sample lines that I need to ship from Los Angeles to Paris but I cannot rely on DHL to get it to my showroom on time - is this something you can service? Receive my... Thank you
Los Angeles
Hi, I need to sign a document in English in front of someone who speaks English. Will you be able to help? I live in Paris (16th). The document is in English and I just need someone who will witness my wife and I signing it in person.
Hi, I run an e-commerce store in France that makes over €10,000 a month. Could you manage all the logistics for me: storage, order preparation, delivery, returns, customer service, etc.? Thank you
Hey! Can you help me with purchasing and mailing some condiments/salt to the USA? My family likes the "Sel Blanc de Sicile" and "Truffe Noire" sold at Artisan de la Truffe in Paris
Hi, Could you help me find the item in the attached photo? I am currently in Paris and would like to purchase one. If you could assist, please let me know
Hello - I'm looking for a villa with pool for 10 people near Paris, easily accessible by car, from July 12 to 21. Can you organize this quickly? Thank you.

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